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Daily Bullet 1h 102
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 49
Hourly Blitz 56m 59
Hourly Crazyhouse 26m 29
Hourly Classical 1h 56m 46
Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 0
Láznička 7+2 Rated 50m 2
Karjakin 5+0 Rated 20m 4
Smeets 2+1 crazy Rated 40m 2
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  1. Finally Broke into 2000! DaanNoordenbos I broke it in Correspondce classical blitz bullet and KOTH. chess960 i…
  2. Enlarge the rating for the def… SALEGER RealKool, I wrote (Forum->Lichess Feedback), but my post removed
  3. Finally Broke into 2000! kiseiju well done everyone :)
  4. The most beautiful queen sacri… SheshTaooq #3 I have seen even nicer queen sacrifices played by masters to delive…
  5. The most beautiful queen sacri… DaanNoordenbos This is your nicest sac... This is the nicest queen sac http://nl.l…
  6. More statistics saddam_disney How about displaying average (in a given time period) performance rati…
  7. The most beautiful queen sacri… Mr_Impossible Nice game (thumbs up)
  8. Finally Broke into 2000! Dolg I broke the 2000 barrier in blitz today. For me it was a lot harder th…
  9. Finally Broke into 2000! Bourbon53 Yeah well played! was very difficult game indeed. next time i'll win.
  10. Finally Broke into 2000! DaanNoordenbos Looks like I am still the master…
  11. The most beautiful queen sacri… SheshTaooq I just played this game and my posi…
  12. Nojoke Ladder Week 15 NoJoke Just a reminder that the Nojoke Ladder week 12 starts in a few hours, …
  13. does balck have any opportunit… temporalischess i am a 1400 player, please answer me from this point of view thnx
  14. Comments section for opening a… hauteepoque I agree, this is a good idea. A Comments box on the side in the Openin…
  15. Finally Broke into 2000! Bourbon53 A game would be great :) even against daannoordenbos so i can steal…
  16. One Of My Best Games. DragonFly31 A good game, but you had a flowing attack and all your moves were fair…
  17. Try this game with your friend… JoeMaro here is a picture of a setup done with chess pieces: https://cf.geekd…
  18. Try this game with your friend… JoeMaro oh and there is a free iPad app for those who have that: http://itune…
  19. Try this game with your friend… JoeMaro i would love a website that enables you to draw a board and pieces and…
  20. Donations GenesisLight I want to donate too, but only per Paysafecard
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