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 Daily Bullet 45m  2
 Hourly Blitz 50m  42
 Palmer  2+2 20m  1/8
 Boyer  5+0 KotH Rated 30m  15/4
 Honeycutt  0+1 30m  9/4
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  1. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s imo white lost the game as soon as he castled queenside.
  2. New Training feature Cezrun64 @Chess Agent well, I have done "google-research" ;) it is not s […]
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  4. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt like this)
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  6. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] Hellball Robkin, I believe by "I$$" BearJr is referring to ICC, the Internet Ch […]
  7. Notices - towards perfection... Missko - Sound should be "on" by default (medium volume).
  8. To close a team moi373737 Hi I created a team but I want now to close this team because it has […]
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  12. Internet Chess Client for Victoria23 So I guess it’s not possible to use SCID with lichess.
  13. User TV only works for first two games Clarkey We're aware of it. It will be getting fixed in the near future.
  14. User TV only works for first two games OwenKraweki I have a similar problem. The user TV seems to work as long as the pla […]
  15. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] BearJr I give a 3, a 4, FICS a 6 (it`s the most difficul […]
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  20. chess960 - AI level increases […] LM AdmiralA Yes, it is. Like it says in the blog post I linked to above: AI lev […]
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