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Hourly Bullet 30m  0
Hourly Blitz 50m  32
Hong  1+1 Rated 1h  1/4
Fink  7+2 Rated 40m  7/4
Bauer  0+1 KotH Rated 20m  6/4
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  1. Autoparing nizzle_fe_shizzle i completely agree ... wasnt there that kind of option in an earlier e […]
  2. Autoparing NameMe It is kind of bothering to have to click on "start a new game" and the […]
  3. Automatically restore aborted […] Dr_King_Schultz Well, it's kind of annoying when you create a correspondence game and […]
  4. New Variant Possibilities: The […] YetAnotherAccount Variant lovers can find all 64 issues of "Variant Chess" at the bottom […]
  5. New Variant Possibilities: The […] lionside Obviously, the variants which could be added must be relatively "basic […]
  6. So I have a suggestion (or 2) […] tisnjh There is a donate option:
  7. So I have a suggestion (or 2) […] lionside So, The Stockfish engine can tell when you've made an innaccuracy, a m […]
  8. Teaching Board geobadger +1 How hard could this be to implement? The analysis board already […]
  9. Ability to filter out players […] andonuts I think that this is an issue with being forced to choose "Random colo […]
  10. Ability to filter out players […] killercars I don't want to play someone who preselected White and will likely hit […]
  11. Teaching Board Unicornz +1. the interface is very aesthetic and this would be a fantastic feature.
  12. Teaching Board Chess_Agent Thibalt? lol *thibault This would be a feature that would certainly […]
  13. Tournament Berserk Button Plac […] Usolando When your mouse is on the berserk button and your opponent made the fi […]
  14. Teaching Board andonuts Thibalt...make it so! (All kidding aside, this would be awesome, an […]
  15. Teaching Board DunnoItAll This is probably the most often requested feature on these forums. Ho […]
  16. Teaching Board IM Fins I'd love to see this as well. Thibault, I'd be happy to beta test s […]
  17. Suggestion: Bookmark Tournaments Chess_Agent So far, you can bookmark the individual game... For the actual tour […]
  18. Teaching Board DunnoItAll Sure. FICS has this with examine and bsetup mode.
  19. Interesting game... Anti-Hero In the game above I imported, it's f […]
  20. Suggestion: Bookmark Tournaments Firebrass11 I used played in an awesome tournament ( […]
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