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Hourly SuperBlitz 45m 5
von der Lasa  2+0 3+ Rated 30m 1
Cochrane  1+0 Atom Rated 20m 4
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  1. variant of chess (kunfu chess) andonuts Essentially, yes.
  2. variant of chess (kunfu chess) Nils-Hero is this everyone moves as much and as fast as possible at any time?
  3. variant of chess (kunfu chess) chickencrossroad This game is really fun, I love it. It has a lot of strategy yet games […]
  4. Sweden Won!! Neverness What actually puzzles me is... why Australia was in there? =/
  5. Sweden Won!! Sollerman \o/ Next year the eurovision song contest will be held in Sweden for t […]
  6. Mobile app is beautiful -- jus […] UncleVinny I just started a correspondence game with a friend, and the two featur […]
  7. What was your most emotional r […] Chess_Agent Rage Quit... Didn't leave the page, didn't log off, I just held the co […]
  8. What was your most emotional r […] rise_UIED I wept, like for 5 minutes. I was pretty drunk that time, too.
  9. [GAMES] Post your best games here! motion Philidor defence, queenless game
  10. wrong translation? MrGM Just change the language to English or Russian by clicking on the lang […]
  11. wrong translation? orionchess hi, I noticed that the language of my time spent playing is in German […]
  12. variant of chess (kunfu chess) Insane_Knight More like an arcade game, not actual chess. Yes, I played it on that […]
  13. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Dragojimaji_Evans happy news, good to know that all the users requests about the top men […]
  14. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] thibault Thanks jupeq!
  15. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] ChessRook Yah! The top bar is back! Thanks Lichess
  16. What do you think about this game?? motion bishop d6 seems the better options since the queen with the kinght and […]
  17. What do you think about this game?? motion The machine is hard to beat, I need to study engines http://en.liches […]
  18. What do you think about this game?? motion You need to work on tactics man, u have a crushing position there, I […]
  19. Chess Variant Suggestion Hellball Very popular variant. It is much better known as 'extinction chess'. […]
  20. Chess Variant Suggestion Nils-Hero 'Family Chess': Rules are like normal chess, except each player needs […]
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