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  1. Pausing a game feature Wafflesmack "username-based (not ip-based poll)" someone is up to no good
  2. "Examine" mode (would be nice to have -) KingDeathGR That would be very nice. Thanks guys for good work!!!
  3. Time during takeback Woden Just don't allow TBs in blitz. Simples. Otherwise you get idiots takin […]
  4. مسابقه Woden What about "strong opponents"?
  5. Average time thinking of per move Woden Thinking? Shouldn't it be automatic? :D
  6. Time during takeback mandeep Anybody else want to voice their opinion? Let me give you an example w […]
  7. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] moi373737 1.Atletico(ESP)-Olympiakos(GRE)-Group A-----1 2.Malmoe(SWE)-Juventus( […]
  8. Pausing a game feature Toadofsky Of the points thus far, cafestream's point (3) is most important. Oth […]
  9. Aborted games PigsRule That much is understood. If you don't want to play variants, I won't f […]
  10. Aborted games Farside I respect those who like variant's, but I don't. I do not wish to be c […]
  11. Pausing a game feature cafestream Proposed solutions: (1) To prevent cheating, pausing the game can l […]
  12. Feature Request: please return […] conor34 +1 for it as a preference.
  13. Pausing a game feature Legit-Lobster Pausing the game to analyze it is seriously a very uneffective way of […]
  14. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] Dr_King_Schultz 1.Atletico(ESP)-Olympiakos(GRE)-Group A-----1 2.Malmoe(SWE)-Juventus( […]
  15. Average time thinking of per move Dima666 Whats your average time of thinking of per move? and how many varia […]
  16. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] goldilocks Overall a much better match than last one. Biggest disappointment for […]
  17. Lichess TV Woden great to watch, I love it. I suggest that there is something […]
  18. Pausing a game feature mCoombes314 Just hiding the board as suggested would prevent cheating - I like the […]
  19. Pausing a game feature haltrove @ortolan, as I said the pause should be agreed by both. If you have an […]
  20. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] rzenaikrzys Thanks to All ,for posts,for Import Games,for opinions, Match was ver […]
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