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Weekly SuperBlitz 2h 30m 703
Daily Blitz 2h 390
Weekly Crazyhouse 3h 14
Daily Classical 2h 30m 42
Hourly Bullet 27m 5
U2000 Blitz 57m 7
Dvoiris 2+1 3check Rated 45m 9
Schiffers ¾+0 Anti Rated 1h 5
Alexander 1.5+0 horde 1h 1
Kostić 5+0 Rated 30m 4
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  1. Edward or Emanuel Lasker free … Rebse A modern book about Lasker is "Why Lasker matters" by GM Andrew Solits…
  2. Suggestion DARKOBSCURITY Good evening. I play chess with a fide elo from 3 years. Now i am a …
  3. 1900 classical rating - what d… DaanNoordenbos you cant just compair 2 diffirent things. 1. If i play official games…
  4. [Suggestion] Start a game with… lego00 I guess an idea could be to have a checkbox for this in the lobby, so …
  5. [BUG] Takebacks do not return … lego00 In Crazyhouse, when you take a back a move where you dropped a piece, …
  6. RIP Gene Wilder worstplayerever73060 May all your tickets be golden
  7. The educaion Thenox Education should be the first rule of a chess, but I have noticed that…
  8. The Turn-around rule droceretik Interesting. Good point about move order often being critical.
  9. Cool miniature droceretik The other player seems almost too good with an average centipawn loss …
  10. Best low centipawn loss and in… droceretik I am pleased with this game as it is my lowest centipawn loss and lowe…
  11. 1900 classical rating - what d… blackzombie 1900 is probably a bit stronger than the medium standard club player
  12. 1900 classical rating - what d… seanysean I'm 1500 on, so probably I'm lower than 1500 in say a real F…
  13. 1900 classical rating - what d… handsomechuck If I had to compare I would estimate that the typical 1600 here is no …
  14. 1900 classical rating - what d… wasilix I guess it depends on what is "medium standard club player". I seem to…
  15. 1900 classical rating - what d… afadhrt I realise that we use Glicko-2 ratings, but is there any way to transl…
  16. R+P vs R endgame practice Norb68 Silman's Complete Endgame Course covers all of these situations and a …
  17. Cool miniature johnbartholomew2 Been reading 'Logical Chess' by Irving Chernev lately, and he places e…
  18. Edward or Emanuel Lasker free … JamesL I see your point and of course he has a unique play style. I'm just sa…
  19. look at my gambit droceretik Sorry, I don't see an obvious gambit but a bit of a blunder fest. Play…
  20. Save games? Rairden Don't think so.
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